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Question time! How many of you don’t like the current look of your blog? How many are unwilling to take the plunge to get your blog professionally designed?   Let’s be honest: Shelling out $250+ to a designer, knowing you only get 2-3 revisions & not knowing if you’ll even like the end result is [...]

Chalkboard Vinyl Giveaway-closed


Winner of this giveaway is comment #23! Danielle says: Awesome giveaway! Thanks!! I made these adorable chalkboard folders for “Little L” and “Miss M” to keep them quiet at church. The inside of the folder is a heavy-duty scrapbook paper. I knew my kiddos would rip the paper folder so I reinforced it. I covered [...]

two winners!!! DUH, HEIDI!!!!!

Sorry!!!  You really have to forgive me… these sleepless nights are reeking havoc on my poor mommy brain!!! There are two winners, not just one!!! DUH!!! {feel free to point out these little blunders in the future… I’d rather be publicly corrected than look like a public dummie!! lol!!}. According to the winners of [...]

another giveaway!!- closed

I’m loving my new cards from the Thank You Cards Shop!  Aren’t they adorable?! Now I just need to find someone to send them to ;)  Seriously this shop is super cute and full of great designs!  {especially the chevron! *drooling* can you tell I love chevron? i.e., the new blog design? ;) } Seriously, [...]

Joe’s Totes Giveaway – closed

Heard of Joe’s Totes?      They are quite possibly the cutest camera bags ever!  I’ve secretly been trying to win one for MONTHS now. Color me  super jealous of you!   the bag I’ve been drooling over!         seriously LOVE the houndstooth interior!!! Each bag has modern lining with adjustable compartments to [...]

Frog Prince Paperie Giveaway {closed}

Ever heard of Frog Prince Paperie? let me just say this,   C.U.T.E.S.T. printable party decorations ever!!!!  and their site is an idea treasure chest! Every time I hop over there (often!) I find myself drooling over the sheer awesomeness that is Frog Prince Paperie! Seriously, check out these goodies! I nearly burst a seam when [...]