A little sass from Little L.

We just took our Christmas card photos. I’m loving the pics! Now comes the hard part… narrowing it down!

Love this picture! Show me your muscles!!


The Fabulous Marquis Clan


Just finished up a shoot with Kate. Isn’t she fabulously beautiful?! I’m so excited about this shoot.

Here’s a little preview :)

Lovin’ the black and white

Great friends from Boston

My cousin Gracie.

The bride.

My mom and sister.

Me & my sister Holli.

My sister Holli has awesome blue eyes!!! LOVE ‘em.

My sister Cassie. My kids call her “Chrissy-crass”

Cassie hates when I take pictures of her. I’m always trying to sneak-attack her with my camera.

This is one of those priceless shots! Forgive me, Cass?

My niece Savannah.

My sisters Holli and Steph.

The kiddos.

Photo-shoot with Miss M.

Photo-shoot with Little L.