A Hand-Stitched Summer

Hi Everyone! As you know I've relocated for my husband's summer internship... ...meaning I left my craft closet behind! complete with sewing machine!!!Don't Panic! ;) I brought reinforcements!  (I'm silly to think that I might cause mass-pandemonium with this announcement... it's not … [Continue reading...]

Happy to Report…

I made it! I am here. Surprisingly, the whole trip wasn't that bad. I had help from a friend to the airport, super helpful people on each plane, and a sweet lady sitting next to me who let "Little L" crawl all over her. "Little L" was so enamored by this woman that she was actually snuggling … [Continue reading...]

and we’re off!

"Mr. V" starts his summer internship on Monday. He left a little early for training, so......I am left with the lovely task of packing up "Miss M" & "Little L", and traveling to a destination nearly 2000 miles away......on an airplane... by myself... with 2 carseats... 2 suitcases... 1 double … [Continue reading...]

Ipad Case Giveaway! (Closed)

Ucreate is featuring my Zipper-Rosette Tutorial  Head on over to check it out!I had a giveaway the last time I was featured so why not have another one? Lets giveaway...the grand prize: Hard-covered iPad case!(Case: Choice of two fabrics, Rosettes: Choice of several colors) and the … [Continue reading...]

Can a necklace be your soul-mate?

M&J Trimming supplied several top craft-bloggers with some pretty awesome supplies & challenged them work their magic. (oh, that I could be so awesome and people would just send me huge boxes of amazing supplies... sigh...) There were some great ideas but this is my favorite!To … [Continue reading...]

Are Toddlers Prophetic?

Tonight as we rode the elevator up to our apartment "Miss M" said, "Mommy, you have a baby boy in your stomach."  What?!  I just started sleeping through the night! Wait a little longer baby boy... pretty please? So. Funny. … [Continue reading...]