first day of school!


Monday was the first day of 1st grade and preschool! It's bittersweet. I'm happy they're so excited but I'm sad to see them go! Especially Miss M, who will be gone until 2:20! I'm glad that she found friends right away. This poor boy is blissfully unaware that his two very best … [Continue reading...]

DIY Kid’s Play Bowls & Tray


  -This post was brought to you by DecoArt -  Have you seen these adorable bowls at Michaels? They're in the discounted/dollar section. They are the cutest little mini bowls and I knew they'd be amazing in my kid's play kitchen. The bowls needed a bit more personality so I grabbed some … [Continue reading...]

Upcycle – Kids Table and Chairs


'FREE'... I love that word. Thanks to a friend and some free-cycling I snagged this adorable table & chairs for my kiddos. You gotta love free stuff... but it usually needs some major TLC. The table/chairs had some gashes & worn paint. I grabbed a sander and got to work. After … [Continue reading...]

Free Printable


Update:I made this on Picmonkey and saved it as a JPEG. That was a momentary laspe in judgement because JPEG printables don't print as well as PDF printables. So, I'm re-branding this image as an iphone screensaver! I currrently have it on my phone and it looks awesome. Just right click the image, … [Continue reading...]

I’m back!


...one very long road trip later... I'm back! For the past three weeks it's been family, fun, and nothing else. I snapped this picture at a fish farm. Doesn't Little L look so excited?! ;) She was the only one that I could hog-tie long enough to grab a picture. And she wouldn't smile. Oh … [Continue reading...]

Buy this Blog Wednesday #3

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.01.58 PM

Sorry about last week! If you follow me on Facebook you heard about my sick kiddos. Also, I'm going on vacation for a few weeks so this will be the last BTBW until the second week in August! Here's the next blog for Buy this Blog Wednesday! Terms: read before viewing the … [Continue reading...]