I {heart} Ink & Elm


Hi all! The lovelies over at Ink and Elm (www.inkandelm.com) sent me this fantastic backdrop! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! Funny story, my kids were in the backyard when I was setting up for this photoshoot. Miss M came running in at top speed. She came to a dead halt in front of the backdrop. Looking [...]

Boy or Girl?


It’s a… Do you guess right?!

Little L is way too cute!


Finishing up some pictures I took of Little L. Don’t worry Grandparents! Pictures of Miss M and Little Man are forthcoming… they gang up on me when I take pics of them at the same time ;) P.S. Loving the headband? You can grab one in my shop :) -Heidi

Happy Halloween

halloween featured

When I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween they both said ‘Fairies!’ Miss M wanted to be a pink fairy and Little L wanted to be a blue fairy. We got to work. Over the course of a month we churned out wands, tutus, crowns, and shirts. We bought their wings [...]

M&L Photoshoot


I made some new headbands (shhh… one of these headbands is going to be in a giveaway soon) and the girlies decided to model them for me. The lighting was perfect and I got some really cute shots! What do you think?  

My Sister’s Wedding


I’m finally blogging about my sister’s fabulous wedding! The weekend was fabulous. The bridal shower was on Thursday, the bachelorette party on Friday, the rehearsal dinner on Saturday and the wedding on Sunday. The sister’s {minus Squidnolia}: (left to right) Me, Tiff, Cassie, Holli, and Stephanie. I should’ve squeezed in a bit, I look like [...]

Miss M’s Photoshoot

Miss M

I FINALLY got around to taking pictures of Miss M! Good grief, life sneaks up on me & I get SO bogged down in tasks. I still need to blog about SNAP & my sister’s wedding! Here are a few of my favs. Click {here} to see more. Don’t forget the giveaway that ends tonight [...]

Photo-shoot w/ Little L


“Little L” and I had a photo-shoot yesterday. I love taking pics of my little kiddos!  I can only take pics of them one at a time {go figure!} …so Miss M and Little Man-Child are up next week! {fingers crossed} For more of my favorites, click {here} Hope you’re having a great day!   [...]

computer ban over!


Hi! Miss me? I left blog-world behind to spend some much-needed quality time with the fam. We had a great Christmas! There were road trips, presents, food, Santa, an old Spanish mission, a safari park, & much more! Mr. V’s family just pulled out today so I’m officially ending my computer strike! Here are a [...]

gotta love this face!

Did I mention that I LOVE photography?! There’s just something about catching a  smooshy-adorable-baby-look with my camera! Seriously, my friends’ kiddo made this photo! The rest of the photos from this session will be on my photography blog later this week.  I just couldn’t wait to show you this one!