Boy or Girl?


It’s a… Do you guess right?!

first day of school!


Monday was the first day of 1st grade and preschool! It’s bittersweet. I’m happy they’re so excited but I’m sad to see them go! Especially Miss M, who will be gone until 2:20! I’m glad that she found friends right away. This poor boy is blissfully unaware that his two very best friends/partners in crime [...]

I’m back!


…one very long road trip later… I’m back! For the past three weeks it’s been family, fun, and nothing else. I snapped this picture at a fish farm. Doesn’t Little L look so excited?! ;) She was the only one that I could hog-tie long enough to grab a picture. And she wouldn’t smile. Oh [...]

Happy Halloween

halloween featured

When I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween they both said ‘Fairies!’ Miss M wanted to be a pink fairy and Little L wanted to be a blue fairy. We got to work. Over the course of a month we churned out wands, tutus, crowns, and shirts. We bought their wings [...]

The happiest place on earth?


We went to Disneyland a few weeks ago & we may have traumatized ‘Little L’. Just a little bit. Bad parents! Bad, bad parents. P.S. My darling yarn camera lost! Boo! Look for the tutorial on Monday! -Heidi

I licked a fish & I liked it


Sure, Katy Perry may have kissed a girl. But, I bet she never licked a fish! Don’t worry, Katy. Little L’s got you covered… The back story: We went fishing with the grandparents in Utah. Little L caught this bad boy on her own. While posing for the barrage of pictures I was snapping, she [...]

Yarn Camera


Hi All! If you follow me on Facebook, here’s the project my husband was confused about… If you don’t follow me, you really should {wink!} BUT I’ll brief you anyways ;) I made this adorable ____ {the answer is “camera“} sans the strap and showed it to Mr. V. Mr. V:  “Cute, but what is [...]

Miss M’s Big News!


  -Miss M

Lalaloopsy Party


Hi all! How’s your summer going?! It relaxed and care-free over here! We’ve been vacationing, camping, hiking, swimming… we’ve also been to Utah to see family, which was SO much fun! I’ll probably post about it in a few days. In the meantime, here’s Miss M’s Lalaloopsy party. I loved her cake! I’ll post the [...]

Rapunzel Party


 Whoa, Did you think I ran away, never to return? Life happened… I now have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old! Yea, their b-days are all within three weeks of each other ;) I was also the camp director for Girls Camp {a church camp for girls aged 12-18} for [...]