DIY Owl Mask


I made my little girls owl masks for their dress up box. They turned out cute, eh? What you need: Owl Template {here} Felt Scissors Flocked Heat Transfer Material Embroidery Floss & Needle Sewing Machine Die-cut Machine {I have an Epic 6} Hot Glue 2 – 12 inch ribbons {w/ sealed edges} Dies used: Doily [...]

Your edited photos

1-5-12 (5 edit)

Here are your pics.. what do you think? Email me if you want your photo. The next linky will be up at the end of Jan.

Your {one} edited pic!


Only one?!!! Sad!!!  There was a ton of interest but I’m not sure where everyone went! lol! No worries, we all get busy! I think I’ll do this once a month instead of every week. Here’s the one and only submission: If you want your photo email me for the file.  Stay tuned for the [...]

my baby cries…


and I don’t get anything done!!!  I’ve never had a baby that cries as much as the little-man-child does! The other night, I looked at my husband in exasperation, saying “this kid is such a diva!” to which he replied, “you mean, divo.” It was pretty funny, worth sharing :) anyways… here are your photos…  [...]



I had a lot of positive feedback about editing your photos, so I’m making it a weekly event! How it works: Every Friday I’ll have a linky for you to add your pics. The following Wednesday I’ll close the linky, choose my favorites, edit them, and post ‘em on Friday with a new linky. Sound [...]

Your edited photos

Thanks to everyone that linked your photos!   I had fun editing them. We had 9 entries and 4 of them didn’t link to a photo, so I edited the 5 that had functional links. If your picture was one of the edited ones, email me for the file! before             [...]

Let’s edit your photos!

Hi everyone!!  I LOVE editing photos! It’s amazing what can be done with a few little tweaks!  Here are some edits I did for a blogging buddy of mine… the fabulous Sadie Jane.       I thought it might be fun to edit a few of your photos! Add your photo to the linky list [...]