Working w/ Flocked Heat Transfer


I’m loving the cute baby doll diapers (pattern here) I made for my girls. Don’t you just ‘love’ the ribbon I used as a tag? :) I’m also going to show you how to use Flocked Heat Transfer from Silhouette. It’s so easy and has a great texture. One of my favorite mediums to use. [...]

DIY Camping Set


As promised, one of the things SANTA made for Christmas! My kids are addicted to pretend-camping, so when Santa saw this DIY tent and DIY campfire ‘he’ got right to work! Who knew Santa was a Pinterest/craft-blog junkie too?! The ever-obliging-Santa wanted to give you a few tips! ;) Where to buy the materials: 1) [...]

The Bee Costume


Here’s the costume I made for the giveaway. A bee! cute, eh? I used about 125 yards of tulle on this bad boy!! Tune in on Wednesday to see what M, L, and N are being for Halloween! Have a great day! -Heidi

DIY Owl Mask


I made my little girls owl masks for their dress up box. They turned out cute, eh? What you need: Owl Template {here} Felt Scissors Flocked Heat Transfer Material Embroidery Floss & Needle Sewing Machine Die-cut Machine {I have an Epic 6} Hot Glue 2 – 12 inch ribbons {w/ sealed edges} Dies used: Doily [...]

The Easter Bunny Tragedy


Ok, this isn’t really a tragedy per se but if you’d slaved away making these for Easter…  you might be pretty bummed too… Within ONE HOUR, Little L wrote on them with PEN! My heart sank when I picked them up and saw it. I realize I made ‘em for kids, and that they’re meant [...]

Sunburst Flower Tutorial


Remember that cute headband Little L was wearing a few days ago? Well, here’s the tutorial! Now you can make your own! yay! 1. Knot the end of your fabric strip (this strip will be your flower’s center). 2. Start wrapping it around the knot, twisting lightly as you go. 3. Stitch in the back [...]

DIY Leaf Headband


Here’s my New Year ReSEWlution that was featured over at me sew crazy I knew right away what my reSEWlution would be… keep it simple. I’m always getting overwhelmed by my imagination (no thanks to pinterest!) of what I COULD do/make. When I buy new fabric I KNOW that it will one day be a [...]

FREE Naughty/Nice Christmas Tags


 I made cute Santa tags for my kidlet’s gifts. So my question is: Were you naughty or nice this year? {grab your free printable below!} Don’t forget the other free printable {here}! b/c even the naughty deserve something nice!

crinkle rocket ship {tutorial}


  The best part about this? you get to recycle water bottles!  {make sure you grab the kind with the ridged surface!}  {not pictured: needle, thread, liquid stitch, & batting} and your done!!!  giving it to the little guy for Christmas! Can’t wait…   have you made any Christmas presents yet?   link ‘em up [...]

drinkin’ the koolaid…


I’m sure that you’ve all seen this fabulous tote! It’s been floating all over pinterest, ucreate, etc.  When I saw it I knew I HAD to make it for my little girl!  I changed a few things: I used 6 strips from a jellyroll and sewed ‘em lower down on the tote (b/c I’ve since [...]