Hi y’all!     Just finished up my kid’s Trick-or-Treat bags. Seriously, they were SO easy. For all your non-sew’ers out there, you CAN MAKE THESE too!     All you need is felt, scissors, hot glue and a little imagination!     I added a bit of hand-stitching, but it was purely for [...]

Homemade Baby Shower Gifts

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One of my favorite thing about baby showers is making a homemade gift. It’s really fun to create something beautiful and give it away! Here’s my latest project. What do you think?     Alright… I’ve got family in town. Off to play! -Heidi

DIY Headband w/ Mod Melts


Have you ever heard of Mod Melts? They’re SO much fun to use! Mod melts are hot glue sticks that can be used to make fun molds. The Tutorial 1.Fill the mold with Mod Melts. Wait 10 minutes and peel it out (SO easy!) Soak in 1:1 paint and water. I prefer watered-down paint; more [...]

Up, Up & Away


Personal moment alert: My heart is with Boston right now. We called it home for several years, 2 of my children were born there. We live 10 minutes from Boylston Street. Many of our friends are still there. I’ve attended the Boston Marathon in the past and cheered on the participants (friends and strangers). I’m [...]

Striped Glitter Vase


Hi everyone! Here’s my latest crafting project. It looks expensive and was pretty cheap to make, gotta love it when that happens ;) What you need: Double Sided Adhesive Silhouette or an Exacto Knife Glitter Vase (I used an Olive Oil bottle I bought at Home Goods for $3.99) Excuse my grainy cell phone pics [...]

Working w/ Flocked Heat Transfer


I’m loving the cute baby doll diapers (pattern here) I made for my girls. Don’t you just ‘love’ the ribbon I used as a tag? :) I’m also going to show you how to use Flocked Heat Transfer from Silhouette. It’s so easy and has a great texture. One of my favorite mediums to use. [...]

DIY Doll Bunk Beds


Yes, I know, it’s February… but here’s another Christmas gift made for the kidlets. If you’ve got two girls and two dolls… you need two beds!! These beds were SO easy to make. Here’s the how-to: 1) Buy/assemble/paint these doll beds from IKEA. How to create Bunk beds w/ ruffles & comfy mattresses: 1) Painting: [...]

Martha Stewart CraftStudio Giveaway!!

PicMonkey Collage

This is possibly the COOLEST app that I own. I’m not gonna lie, I LOVE it!!   Not only do I love this app, my 5 year old daughter begs for “her special art game” every day. You can decorate with punches, stamps, stickers, paper, text, and glitter!       After you’re finished creating [...]

50% off at Lifestyle Crafts

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Hi everyone!! This week is gonna be great! Do you want to know why? 50% off your ENTIRE Lifestyle Crafts purchase when you use my personal code ‘CREATE’ at checkout! Yes, I said ‘50% off’ and ‘entire purchase’ in the same sentence! They have SO many amazing new products! Now is definitely the time to [...]

DIY Love Tree


I haven’t forgotten that I promised to show you more Christmas gifts. But I’m nothing if not distracted ;) I saw this adorable tree and I had to make my own! I used a 11×14 frame. I cut this tree using my Silhouette. Mine was about 8-9 inches high. I used 2 sheets of this [...]