Place your Gadgets Anywhere!!

Today we’re talking about how to place gadgets (buttons, searchbar, followers, etc.) anywhere on your blog!!!! How to add a gadget (buttons, images, navigation bars, etc.) to your header: Step 1: Go to “design,” and “add a gadget.” Add your gadget (button, image, navigation bar, whatever…). Then you need to locate your gadget ID (it [...]

Make a Custom Navbar

We’re talking about custom navigation bars! To be honest, this can be pretty overwhelming but don’t worry… follow the directions carefully and you will be just fine :) Creating Navigation Buttons: Step 1: Decide where you want to place your navigation bar. If it’s beneath your header, you will need to know the width of [...]

Customize a Blogspot Navigation bar

Don’t want to make your own nav bar? No worries!!! You can customize the standard nav bar that blogger offers. Here’s how: Customizing your blogger navigation bar: 1. After adding your navigation bar, click “design,” then “template designer,” then click “advanced.” Your screen should look like this: Scroll down until you see “Tabs Text” and “Tabs [...]

Adding/Customizing Pages

Welcome back for day three of Blog Design 101! Today we’re talking about blog pages: how to make them, how to add a blogger navigation bar, and how to add different backgrounds to each page. {Custom navigation bars tomorrow} Adding Pages: {Luckily, this is one of the easiest blog design tricks} 1. Go to “design.” [...]

Create a Blog Signature

Create your own signature:  1.  First, figure out how wide your post area is. If you’re using one of blogger’s newer templates: click on “design” in the upper right hand corner of your blog, then “template designer” then “adjust widths.” Your screen will look like this: Subtract the width of your sidebar from the width [...]

Make your own Blog Button and Grab Box

How to make a blog button/grab-a-button box: 1. Create a 150X150 pixel image using (or any other design program, I prefer Picnic & Microsoft Powerpoint). Picnik is great because it’s free and it sizes your images as pixels which makes it easier when you are designing images for blogger. Here is a great tutorial [...]

General Blog Design Tips

Alright! Blog Design Bootcamp 101 is officially under way! Now remember, I’m not technically a “computer programmer” (or whatever title claims your an authority on the matter of blog design) so any advice I give is simply that… advice, not techy-doctrine ;)  be sure to include your readers so they won’t miss out… <center><a href=””><img [...]