DIY Valentines

I’ve seen these all over the internet and I HAD to make them for my kiddos.

Just finished ‘em. Cute eh?

They were really easy. Take a picture of your kids pretending to hold a sucker.

Add a banner using PicMonkey (a free online photo editor).


Print them. My primary concern was price not quality, so I used snapfish.

1. Trim the corners. I used Fiskars Corner Punch.

2. Using a razor knife, cut a hole at the top and bottom of their hand.

3. Insert the sucker.

Done! and the total price wasn’t bad at all.

Suckers: Bought them at CVS. 10 for .99. Total price for 70: $7.50

Pictures: Total price for 70 w/ shipping: $10.22

Did you make your Valentines this year?


  1. kate says:

    good job heidi! these are so cute!

  2. fabienne says:

    love them! the colors too are great: sky blue and contrasting red from the lollipop! We finished the ones for my twin boy and girl tonight: amazing mustaches and lips with hole in them to slide a lollipop! When the lids suck on them, all you can see are the mustaches for the boys and the huge lips for yhe girls! Also worked on a huge mustache for my son’s teacher!
    Happy Valentines!
    Here’s a beautiful link for Valentine’s day! (la Saint Valentin in my native country of France):

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