DIY Doll Bunk Beds

Yes, I know, it’s February… but here’s another Christmas gift made for the kidlets.

If you’ve got two girls and two dolls… you need two beds!!

These beds were SO easy to make.

Here’s the how-to:

1) Buy/assemble/paint these doll beds from IKEA.

How to create Bunk beds w/ ruffles & comfy mattresses:

1) Painting: leave the very top of the posts on the bottom bed unpainted. Leave the very bottom of the legs on the other bed unpainted.  It helps the glue stick to the beds.

Gluing the beds together: Slightly dampen the tops of the posts on the bottom bed and the very bottom of the legs on the other bed. Put some* Gorilla Glue on each of the dampened top posts. Set the other bed on top of the glue. Set something very, very heavy on the top of the bunk beds for two hours. I used a box of books.

*Gorilla Glue will double in size. Don’t put too much, or else it will spill over the sides.

2) Hot glue strips of fabric (I bunched my fabric as I went, to create ruffles) under each bed.

3) Cover the mattress board w/ a foam pad (cut down to size) & fabric.

Hot glue the fabric around & under the mattress board.


P.S. Aren’t those hearts on the blankets SO cute?!

I made them with my silhouette and some flocked heat transfer material.

I’ll show you how to use it later this week.



  1. Sarah says:

    This is sooooo adorable! Love the idea!


  2. Love!! Are these beds the right size for American Girl Dolls?

  3. very cute!!!

  4. Becky B says:

    Super cute idea! I wonder if stacking 3 high would be too much… my daughter ended up with 6 different princess toddler dolls after Christmas! ;D

  5. Stacy says:

    Darling! Off to pin :)

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