Happy Halloween

When I asked the girls what they wanted to be for Halloween they both said ‘Fairies!’

Miss M wanted to be a pink fairy and Little L wanted to be a blue fairy.

We got to work. Over the course of a month we churned out wands, tutus, crowns, and shirts. We bought their wings for $2.50 at Cotton On Kids (love that store).

Little man just HAD to be Clark Kent-almost-Superman ;) Doesn’t he look adorable??!

This Halloween…

and, last but not least…


  1. kate says:

    so cute heidi!! your kids are adorable! i love the costumes.

  2. Super cute Heidii!!! :) Your so talented!!! and your babes are ADORABLE!

  3. tiffany bolton says:

    Gah! Amazing!

  4. Wendi says:

    When did Miss M lose a tooth??!! These kiddos are so cute!

  5. Super cute halloween costumes!!!

  6. peeshka says:

    Your girls are soooo cute! Miss them. And I was just thinking the same thing as Wendi above me – when did M lose a tooth?! She’s so grown up.

    Miss you guys!

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