DIY Halloween Bunting

Here’s the tutorial for the Halloween bunting. I used Silhouette fabric ink for this project.

1. Select your image and resize it to fit your needs. I used: fences, web, and trees.

2. Cut the vinyl with your silhouette and remove the vinyl that you don’t need.

3. Place the transfer material directly onto the vinyl.

4. Flip it over and carefully remove the white backing from the vinyl.

5. Place on fabric, carefully remove transfer material. Leaving the vinyl on the fabric.

6. Press the vinyl down, making sure it’s properly adhered to your fabric. Choose your ink.

7. Place your fabric on a paper towel. Carefully paint over the vinyl.

8. Once it is completely dry, remove the vinyl and iron it for about 10 seconds.

9.  {sorry, no pic!} Cut around your newly created shapes. Then hot-glue to a string of pom-poms.

It turned out cute, eh?

Have you started decorating for Halloween?



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