Holy Upgrade Batman!

don’t worry! your train pulled into the right station!

You might need reassurance after being blinded by the awesomeness of my blog!

Blogger and I had a long, hard break up. I was convinced time and time again to make the switch but blogger would eventually lull me into submission with it’s familiarity. But no more! Blogger and I have officially called it quits. I am a wordpress girl now!

Things are going to be a bit jumbled around here for a few days while I learn the ropes and tag/categorize old posts. I also need to add more of my free downloads and completely work over my photography page… so be forgiving ;)

Also, GFC will be discontinued for all non-blogger blogs in the spring of 2012. Don’t worry, if you are a GFC follower you can still follow me that way. I just can’t get new followers after it’s removed. If you would like to follow me, you can subscribe in the header and the right sidebar.

and I can’t say enough about my WP gal Thauna. One of the main reasons I didn’t want to make the leap was because I was terrified that the transition would be horrible. But, it was the exact opposite!!!  She was amazing, efficient, and knowledgeable. She didn’t mind when I wanted to edit something. No question was dumb.  She referred me to many awesome WP tutorials. I’d ask her to do something and it was done immediately… seriously the BEST experience!!!! I HIGHLY recommend her if your looking to make the switch!! Be sure to visit her design site {here}.

What do you think?!

{If you have any questions leave a comment}


  1. looks great!!

  2. jessica says:

    You did it! Good job Heidi – it looks great!

  3. Vicki says:

    Awesome job! She doing mine next!! Can’t wait!!

  4. RubyJeans says:

    Heidi it looks FABULOUS … So Neat and Tidy…. Thauna is SIMPLY amazing!!!

  5. Thauna says:

    Heidi, it was great working with you!!!

  6. Dalia says:

    My word, I LOVE IT! Thauna did a fab job in design & all. I need to hop on over to pay her a visit. My blog needs help:-) Great job!

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  9. Kip Wurster says:

    Great post!

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