The Harvard Grad

May has been a little, no, very overwhelming for me. As evidenced by my complete lack of craft-related posts (don’t worry, I really haven’t forgotten that I promised you that rosette bracelet tutorial!). We’ve had birthdays to plan, trips to take, family in town, and a graduation to attend. 
That’s right, Mr. V is officially a Harvard graduate. 
The past three years have been a complete whirlwind. We added a fabulous little girl to our family (and soon to be little man), we met so many wonderful people (many of whom became amazing friends). There were fun school trips, charity events, dances, forums, amazing speakers, parties, etc. I’m not going to lie, the past three years have been some of the best of my life. 
there was a lot of sacrifice. We gave up income for three years (and with it any sense of financial security). We said goodbye to good friends graduating before us. We had to figure out how to balance student life with two kids in tow. We had to figure out how best to work together as a couple to make our family/marriage a success (not without a few hiccups), and we really stretched ourselves as individuals. 

It was an amazing time for us. My little family grew up here. My one year old became a 4 year-old. I became a mother of three (well, almost) and our family of three became a family of five. This place will always hold a special place in my heart. I’m sad we’re saying goodbye, but we are definitely moving on to another exciting stage in life.  Here’s to our move! and here’s to the future!


  1. DeeDee says:

    That is awesome and a big congrats to you and your family for being successful in the things you have conquered in life and the things you are still going to achieve. We are in the same boat and still figuring out odds and ends and its a journey that will either make you or break you but with God's will there are great things to come.

  2. Audrey says:

    He looks wonderful, Heidi! Please tell Mr. V congratulations from our family!

    You guys are going to be successful wherever you decide to set down roots.

  3. Sara says:

    Congratulations. This is big for him and you! Having put in our 4 years in Boston while my husband went to BU I know where you are coming from. And yes the marriage had some UP and DOWNS. those life lessons will never be left behind. Here we are 6 years later and still thinking constantly about our experience there. I'm not sure where you are going? But I hope it is someplace less expensive:).

    I enjoy your blog. Best wishes for the next journey life takes you on.

  4. Monarch of MePlease!! says:

    Big Congratulations from your little sister! I am so proud of Mr. V for his accomplishments and so proud of you and your success and support. You guys are going places! Your sturdy foundation is set- now build an incredible life on it! Success is assured and evident.
    I can't help but say that I am a little jealous :P

    Best of luck and love from your family! <3

  5. Mae Kurt says:

    Congratulations to your achievement! In every endeavor, I hope you make it great. The kids look so petty and happy :D I feel inspired.

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