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Alright! Blog Design Bootcamp 101 is officially under way! Now remember, I’m not technically a “computer programmer” (or whatever title claims your an authority on the matter of blog design) so any advice I give is simply that… advice, not techy-doctrine ;) 

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Since every question requires a pretty lengthy response, I’m going to break this Q&A up over several days. I don’t know about you, but my brain hurts when I have to read super long blog posts! :)

Let me start off with some basics: 

Different templates, different methods:
As my blog has seen many different templates, I quickly realized that not every blog tutorial you come across will work for your blog. Tutorials that work in the basic blogger template “Minima”, didn’t work when I transferred my blog over to the newer blogger template “Simple”. My point in telling you this? If you’re searching for tutorials to update your blogger account, you should always search (I use google) with your template style in the keywords (eg., blogger template simple add button?”) This will help you find the tutorials that are best suited for your own sites, whether it is blogger, wordpress, etc.
Are your headers blurry? Best file format for websites?
Have you noticed that some of your images (not photos… but designs, buttons, headers, etc.) are blurry when they are uploaded to your blog? It’s because of the file format they are saved in. Blogger will allow jpeg, png, and bmp files to be uploaded as headers, etc., but you should save a file that will be viewed on the web as a png. When viewed on the web, png files are crisp, like my header (but they are awful/blurry when you print them. Pdf and jpeg are better for printing).
Caution: Be really careful when altering code. If you remove anything that you shouldn’t (even a simple back-slash or you accidentally add a space where you shouldn’t), your code won’t work correctly.
This concludes our first lesson! Check back tomorrow for some more helpful hints! and don’t forget to tell your friends! :) I also design blogs if you don’t want to go through the hassle of doing everything yourself ;)



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