About me

1) I hate blogs/websites with music. If I happen upon one, I immediately shut down the browser and never go back. Weird huh? Maybe it’s that I hear noise all day and when I finally do sit at the computer I want nothing but peace and quiet. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE music… but I only LOVE it when I’m in the mood.
2) My favorite music? Country. I’ve been a fan since childhood. A fun side note: I was raised on my grandparent’s farm, rode horses, and I’ve even rocked a few pairs of wranglers.
3) My fingers are almost always covered in bruises, cuts, and burns from my various crafting projects. Accident prone? clumsy? I guess…
4) Stranded on a desert island and your only food..? one word: BREAD.
I’m not a “sweets girl” but bread… ahhh bread (not just any bread. I’m talkn’ good, grainy, heavy, multigrain bread that can only be purchased from the bakery. Yes, I spend $4.99 on one loaf of bread that has exactly 10 slices and I buy 2-3 loafs a week. Normally, I’m a very frugal gal, but NOT when it comes to my bread!
5) I’m obsessed with history. I’ve been known to pick up an old college history textbook and read it just for fun. I often lament that I wasn’t born in a different time (but then I remember that I’m romanticizing the past and that I really love women’s rights, toothpaste, epidurals, and deodorant).
6) I’m really good at disappearing. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE hanging out in large groups but I also love chillin’ at my house and doing my own thing.  My friends will often point out that they haven’t seen me in a week or two and I realize… they’re right. I get too comfy at my house, I guess…
7) I climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa when I was 35 weeks pregnant!
8) In my pre-mommy life I was a nurse.
9) I LOVE to laugh and goof off. My girls and I often dance around the living room to some down-home country song… and people, we don’t dance well. I’ve taught my kids some pretty interesting moves. You laugh now, but when my girls break out the “sprinkler” and the “lawn-mower“  at their homecoming dances and the boys go running, I’ll be one happy momma! ;)
10) Last but not least, I HATE spiders. Seriously, hate ‘em. The only time I’ve been known to kill a spider on my own is when it was too close to one of my kiddos.

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